Video: The Breakdown: President Joe Biden to cancel all Pentagon-funded border wall projects

Video: The Breakdown: President Joe Biden to cancel all Pentagon-funded border wall projects
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Summary: Plus, U.S. troops begin withdrawal from Afghanistan and “anti-riot” bills have been introduced in various states.
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Transcript for The Breakdown: President Joe Biden to cancel all Pentagon-funded border wall projects

Hi everyone welcome to the breakdown I'm Diana fado. And I'm Terry Moran we've got some breaking news from the White House today that five administration is going to cancel all plans for border wall projects that are funded by the Pentagon returning billions of dollars that were diverted by the trump administration. Back to the defense department's budget. The money will now go back in the project originally funded by congress and the US will restrict travel from India starting next week. White house Press Secretary Jen Psaki says they're following guidance from the CDC due to extraordinarily HEICO but nineteen cases and multiple variants circulating there. That is spent twenty years and for president since the United States and it Afghanistan after the attacks of September 11 200120. Years later generation. President Biden's orders he now has all US troops are heading home ABC news chief global affairs correspondent and co anchor of this week. Martha Raddatz spoke to veterans are about what this decision means. For those who served as was for the people of Afghanistan and the United States take a look. It's time for American troops to come home. A slot of complex and conflicted emotions that's what Marine Corps veteran Ashley burns felt watching president Biden's announcement. On ending an American involvement in the war in Afghanistan. We all have this emotional tie to it we want to make sure that that legacy that the sacrifices that were made. Where were offense. Burns deployed to Afghanistan in 2009. Did you look around me aside we're doing that for women where we're fighting terrorists what what was your. Purpose. It's hard not to feel like. You have. The ability. To make a difference when you go when you see a school being built when you see infrastructure being set up when you. John C wells going in the ground where people didn't have access to water in it feels good to be able to do those things we'll. The past two decades I've spent countless weeks in Afghanistan and seeing the progress. And did tragic loss. As many of those days were spent with general John Campbell during the height of the war. But after all those years that general wants to be clear about one comparison. And this is not Vietnam our soldiers or sailors urban Maher Marines. Another great civilians we hadn't heard that some great things Afghanistan we're gonna make sure they understand them the American people understand that. Meg Campbell worries what will happen with als the US presidents we have probably five to 7000 tall among prisoners still in prison I think they'll all be let go. I think the Afghan people are concerned about what happens then. How do you balance what America needs to what is going to make Afghanistan must place it has stability and security and prosperity for more people for years authored gales of Marc LaMont has been writing about Afghan women and girls and their fight for equality. Given its twenty years that the US suspect there. You can't go on forever so if so why not now. I think the challenge for women in particular is that they never went from being seen as a pet rock or pet project. To a national security impaired it. Two people that must be there. For the future to look different from the past still a number of veterans in this war feel a pullout is long overdue. Like Kyle Bibby. I'm proud to have served in the Marine Corps. 9/11 motivated him to served as a marine the Taliban were definitely responsible for a lot of terrible atrocities. But that doesn't necessarily mean that the United States has. Do know a twenty year commitment towards fighting there. The two shortsighted. Decision but I fully understand. That the American people and war fatigue. Steve Brown has been a lead sponsor of a Rotary Club school in Jalalabad Afghanistan. And high school I visited in 2009. It is since graduated thousands of girls and boys that. Brown says the US withdrawal is not putting that in jeopardy. I am hopeful I'm not optimistic about the program going forward. A concern shared even by those who say they know twenty years of war has been more than long enough to. I don't think that anyone who wants the legacy to be. Sacrifice begets more sacrifice we can't use. The people who have diet or been wounded as justification to keep going on for ever. And our thanks to Martha Raddatz for that report. And now for a look back here's then president George W. Bush back in 2001 announcing. US troops entering Afghanistan. Followed by president Biden announcing their withdraw the bookends on the Afghan war. On my orders the united states military has begun strikes. Against al-Qaeda terrorist training camps and military installations of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. The United States who began our final withdrawal. Began on May one of this year. I'm not conduct a hasty rush to the exit. While doing it will do it responsibly. Deliberately and safely. Do not take a look at this split screen twenty years from then until now for more on president Biden's decision to end this war at least as far as the United States is concerned. Let's turn Aveson is senior foreign correspondent Ian penalized on the ground in Kabul he's just reported extensively from the region. Over the years in great to see you. So let's set the scene for us there awhile once what does it feel like there as the American presence. Begins to depart troops on Joseph Biden's orders beginning to withdraw. Yeah hi Terry Munis haunting listening back to George W. Bush making that announcements are members so clearly that day was October the seventh and we started out Ginny towards. Afghanistan. The country has been transformed in that period for the mood to the moments is bleak. There is a real sense of dread of trepidation. About what is going to happen over the next few days. I think the US military this is a huge huge logistical challenge we're not just talking about one or two bases we're talking about many bases scattered far march across the country there are a lot of lot of distances to travel a lot of machinery Shamu sometime handover to the Afghans some crucial equipment that has to go about the United States. Peg Rusconi of course the troops themselves normally two and half thousand bird of prey and practiced their way more than that so the moment plus. Extra trees are being put into try and facilitate the security all of the draw down as well as extra. Protective equipment and aircraft carriers being kept in the region B fifty twos have been brought in an A units of elite army Rangers who have we've told. Will be coming here as well to try and protect the forces they draw down so that all of us they've got to be very very careful about how they do this him for the Afghans. I don't even higher alert because they know the battle now will not have the same level of protection from the American forces. They're gonna have to do it on the road and. And in president Biden is promising to pull out those approximately 25000 troops by September 11. Marking the twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks but the Taliban. Is demanding that troops leave by the original deadline tomorrow may first so what happens when the US doesn't comply. Yes famous familiar phrase right the enemy gets two votes and the enemy has those two victims except the September the eleventh deadline there's still insisting to dismayed to -- well. Hearing now come Bullock stars and it's really about 25 minutes time so there is a real sense of trepidation what does the Taliban do now they're kept their cows reasonably close to their chests I have now Riley said that they will launch attacks against the US. But I think the expectation the fear amongst Afghan security officials. And of course a concern for the American military is that. That is exactly what they're going to do. You have. It's worth saying little that we don't reports on American casualties and thankfully there haven't been any for longtime have been many many Afghan casualties impressed. The first three months of this year so enormous 29%. Increase in civilian casualties and that's because of fighting is still bearing on civilians are still being targeted. And the real concern is. The Taliban trying to make a show force to try to make a point. And there is some suggestion there splits that the political office sees some kind of wisdom in an accommodation. With the United States looking ahead to some condom to let's political reconciliation where. It becomes Paul to power. Power sharing if not total power in the country and it doesn't want to alienates of the international commune to be United States the military commanders. Many of them at least have a very different view based in May send blood. They won't pay full all military victory anything that they want already. But they don't want to just sit by and let US troops leave and that's is the fear that's is a danger that the use your opportunity to push even harder. A gain CUS troops as they leave but also gains Afghan forces and everybody's expecting we don't know there's is gonna happen but in the next 24 six could be no one but a whole series of attacks across the country. And here we are in twenty years on looking back. Back at 2001 there was initially a swift. American and NATO victory over al-Qaeda. And then to secure that victory and and the theory went to make America safer and the world safer from the kind of terrorism that al-Qaeda had perpetrated. There's an effort it seemed to turn Afghanistan warned Deb something like god western countries like the United States and Europe. What remains behind at the united states of that democratization. Effort in and was a mistake. Yeah I mean we went in for one reason which was primarily al-Qaeda and we heard President Bush's statement on October the seventh the this was also about the Taliban. But he did rapidly become something else it became apparent nation building and let's not forget that this was the neo comb. A gender at the time it became about women's rights about the development of the country. That's the truth is to have been significant gains and we shouldn't diminish and we met the America and shall say to flag here did the de facto number two that is a real ambassador is cities. In charge of the US embassy and he was at pains to point child those gains a load of it has been funded by the US tax dollars. And who's interesting hearing monsters who pull that Coleman that. The hearts and minds Max not for the sake of people just wanting to wave the American flag bowed to kind of protection that's also is having a friendly country having an ally in an otherwise hall style neighborhood. Why Afghanistan it doesn't have great resources is doesn't have boil it doesn't have always sings four which may be of appealed to other countries. But it has Joker fate. It has Russia to the north has China to the east it has Pakistan. To the south and has it ran into the west who is a pretty unfriendly neighborhood citizen concern that those countries will try and fill the vacuum left by the US military departure. Even though Jerry and the ambassadors at pains to say. Diplomatically. The mission still stays here and the aid will continue but which is gonna have to wait and see Terry Diane. Current ABC news senior foreign correspondent in panel in Kabul Afghanistan Ian thank you. And Florida is now the latest state to pass new voting measures governor rod Desantis says a bill insures election security and transparency. But Democrats call it a revival of Jim Crow. Colorado secretary of state joins us next to the closer look at the bill and why she's fighting it stay with us. A Florida elections bill now heads to the governor's desk after passing the Florida legislature last night. Among other things a bill would limit the use to drop boxes and add voter ID requirements for updating voter registration records and applying for a mail ballot. It's just the latest bill in a nationwide Republican effort to change election laws around the country. Now the democratic association of secretaries of state is pushing back against the legislation and the Colorado secretary of state Jenna grows Walton chairs set association. Joins us now for more on the secretary Chris Walt thanks for being here first law. To think you Diane thanks for inviting me on so a spokesperson for the Florida governor says that Desantis just supports this bill. And says it quote will ensure that Florida remains a national leader in election security integrity and transparency so why are you against it. Well what we're seeing across the nation including in Florida is the biggest voter suppression waste is a Jim Crow era. I there are reforms making it harder to vote across the nation including increasing access mail ballot street increasing access to drop I. Drop boxes and other reforms are aimed at certain odor and I believe in the United States senate your sadness and and you're eligible. To your ballot at your voice heard in our democracy. Yeah what's wrong for example with voter ID laws to just insure that people are who they say they are before they vote. Well you know it depends on how the mine is drafted in Colorado we have some of that secure a nation and more accessible. We also have sixteen arms and ideas that Colorado's Colorado and show and voting in person and do signature verification on mail ballots. I was so you're evil in this nation to set up secure elections and also I access. Colorado really gets it right we have weeks early voting day voter registration or should we let every registered irks and the results speak for themselves the highest percentage of eligible people register. And also our lives to lead the nation in participation rates we should be seeing coast to coast not these bushes to take a wave power from the people I restricting access to couples. Now according to the nonpartisan Brennan center for justice nearly every state has introduced bills like this and then at least five have already been an active. So how are you trying to stop this. While democratic secretaries of state believe that voters should choose our elected officials and not other way around voter suppression bills are what elected officials dude she Howard they they kick people they don't want out the voting process and it's just it's not right it's un American it's undemocratic. And we should be expanding access or boating participation not restricting. A democratic secretaries of state are up posing her question bill also are fine congress asked for the people act which would guarantees insurers say accessible elections for all Americans. And I want to get to that in a moment but first I know Iowa Arkansas and Utah Arizona they're all considering. Similar legislation so where are you putting your efforts in terms and that trying to stop this and trying to fight this. Well democratic set. Terry is a stay I'm are all trying to hold lined interstates we believed that we should be standing vote nails all eligible Americans. That we should be expanding the voting ends locations that we should be setting things like automatic voter registration. I'm happy and I today and in a democracy and that requires citizen participation. It is all of our constitutional rights to participate in elections and we should not allow artists and elected officials to take right away from us it's really rocked what you're seeing across the nation. I'm so we're trying to hold the line in our states are also calling on congress acts. Colorado is proof of how well accessible elections and work we are considered it surest in which cast ballots. I don't even die president trounced warmer secretary commended us or our rate cyber security. So you can secure elections which accessible elections. I'm and what you're seeing right now is is really just partisan elected officials trying to elections are. And that he mention president Biden is calling on congress to pass the for the people act in the John Lewis voting rights advancement act. Now one major feature of our electoral system in part of what makes it safe is that elections are run by states not the federal government to do you have any concerns. About local leaders like yourself losing authority to the federal government when it comes to elections. I'm believing that all Americans should have access to. To make their voices heard in elections regardless of there's a political party or color of their. And that's what is warrants would do they would ensure that there is also more of what it means to how. Access and a democracy to cast our ballots so I'm fully supportive of these reforms I don't wait Diane there are largely based on how we do elections at Alaron now on and on that in addition UIX an axis of souls and our constitutional rights of adults and they aren't that these pieces of legislation would also go after a Russian and finance. And and me. I think that's what we really need to make sure we're short of buying our democracy especially after urine and what we're seeing now with the sweeping voter suppression reforms. But again there is an element to our electoral system that is safe for you you know you. It can't hack every individual Stater that we quite challenging rather than if it's all overseen by one group of people and meaning the federal government and they can the net change the rules as we go so. Is there is there any part of you that's concerned. About the federal government stepping in to this this part of our electoral system that has always been managed by the states. I would be concerned if the federal government was administering elections. This deal would. Still would do would be I guaranteeing that all Lemerre. Cents to mail ballot. To make sure that governors and secretaries of state. Oh wait not merit and voters I would make sure that we're in security. Voter verified paper ballots. That there's enough early voting that's what this legislation dies at our tax Americans voting right it's a federal go are and I think that's he's. To light the others. And in it should be clear what other side is trying to DO. They are trying to voters they aren't a big lie that was wrong with the election wasn't. It funny that you're our nation's history. All and a chance to take power away from everyday people you know I admiral Colorado working class and I believe every people to choose or elect leaders and what we're seeing is conservative Republicans trying to choose their voters to power and that's not. Rent secretary Jenna granola appreciate your time today thank you. Thank you so much. A big issue now to another one almost a year after the death of George Floyd's backed sparked massive protests across the United States nearly three dozen Republican controlled states. Are introducing penalties for public disorder. Some states are even proposing immunity for drivers who plow into protesters with their cars. Our Devin Dwyer has this story. The right to protest in the streets and facing growing pressure from state Republican lawmakers it is the strongest. Anti writing pro law enforcement piece of legislation in the country. Marriage is nothing even close so called anti riot at legislation in Florida and nearly three dozen states aims to crack down on public demonstrations. Like those that swept the nation after the shocking murder of George Floyd in police custody last year. If you riot if you allude if you harm others particularly. If you harm a law enforcement officer during one of these violent assemblies. You're going to jail. This civil unrest in Portland Oregon and several other cities. Has become a fixation of many Republicans far from the scenes. Some now demanding tougher penalties for vandalism harassment or police and acts of Civil Disobedience. At least ninety bills targeting protests have been introduced across 35 states since last many. We. Want this. Our experience our friends I am President Reagan in bitter nature in the extreme legs are too. To restrict insurance. Or. Civil rights advocates say many of the new GOP bills challenge the First Amendment right of people peaceably to assemble. Effectively reclassified protests as riots in punishing innocent bystanders if even a few bad actors turned violent. Along Chris situation where. Pastor. News. Criminal target which. Triggered serious I'll be. An independent analysis of 121000 demonstrations over the last year found most were peaceful. 96%. Had no property damage 98%. Had no injuries reported. But Iowa legislators passed a bill this month to make been present during a riot a felony we're gonna. Up the penalties for rioting because what we've seen is not peaceful protest in. What we've seen is destruction. And damage and our communities that we should not be standing for. I really think this bill unnecessarily. Pits law enforcement against. Groups like black lives matter and other protesters just at the time. When we need to be bringing all of these groups together. Kentucky senate approved a bill making it a crime to taunt or in Seoul police. In Indiana and Minnesota bills would cut state benefits for anyone convicted of unlawful assembly. And Oklahoma is one of several states extending immunity to drivers who unintentionally hit protesters with their cars. It's really about protecting folks to get caught up in the melee. Tulsa last year the driver of a red pickup truck towing a horse trailer was swarmed an interstate during a protest. Several people were injured the driver reportedly feared for his life he was not charged. They need to extricate themselves that they feel like there's immediately and an arm and that's what the bill does. To me. These are encouraging ranching. Com and murder and mayhem and a number of ways. Susan bro knows firsthand the danger of cars beating protesters. 12017. Her daughter Heather hire was striking killed by a self described neo Nazi and the streets of Charlottesville. Wall hires killer is behind bars her mother worries new immunity laws could encourage future car attacks. I noticed. I get patched. How I would have been terrified by itself should. Those kinds of riots. M protest happened. A lot of the place that are having lost it and twice and now. And Devin Dwyer is with us now for more on this great story Gavin. How he's the new policy pushes. He nominally to you know protect the public order and safety. They reflected divide that snapped a that we see now in so many years between Democrats Republican support on the right to protest. Well the fact Terry that these are all Republican sponsored illustrates a pretty stark difference in how the parties view the right to protest and in fact as you just mentioned. He ostensibly here this is about law and order they're being sold as a reaction. To the violence and vandalism that we saw we all saw what their own eyes it did happen in some of those protests last year. But don't get this there are already laws on the books it every single states. Against assaulting a police officer it's a crime. Two to vandalized this 7-Eleven store to smash windows and these laws are necessary they ratchet up pressure and penalties. But critics say they certainly are about politics more than anything else Terry take a look at these poll numbers. I from the Pew Research Center. Which really illustrate this survivor because they asked. How important is the right to peacefully protest and our country 83% of rat Democrats and very important only 53%. Of Republicans agree that it's now eleven points. Over the past two years of this divide over a fundamental right in America the right to speak up a step out into the streets. Appears to be growing based on party affiliation Terry. Plan that is a striking statistics show. So how are these laws are going to be enforced what would happen. For them to get enforced what kind of legal challenges might there be. Well first evolved let's just be clear a lot of these are bills are proposed bills in state legislatures. Many of them have been moving forward in recent weeks but only a handful so far. Have actually been signed into law Florida Oklahoma as you mentioned in the piece. Among them most recent to take effect notices a small number but unprecedented number given how many times these sorts of things. Have come up so we'll keep an ion a lot of these lies experts tell us many of them probably will fall by the wayside. Some will get true. There are legal challenges. Underweight Terry in fact in Florida one of the key at a case states we've focused on in the piece already facing a constitutional lawsuit. Four on basis First Amendment if the men their fourteenth amendment in federal court part by the ACLU and other steering. A battle as you see him for one of the fundamental rights oldest rights Americans had Devin Dwyer thanks very much of that story. Thanks and that does it for us here on the breakdown I'm Diana stayed out. And I'm Terry Moran we'll see you back here Monday at 3 PM eastern have a great weekend. And.

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