Amazon Is Having a Secret Sale on Home Gym Equipment Today

Amazon Is Having a Secret Sale on Home Gym Equipment Today
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Summary: From adjustable dumbbells to indoor rowing machines.
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It's March, which means everyone is most likely well into their fitness goals for the entire year. If you're getting sick of the routine you started in January, that doesn't mean you should slack off just yet. Maybe it's time to give your at-home fitness gear a glow up. In 2021, more people than ever before are on a journey to living smarter and healthier, especially after a year at home in quarantine. While many gyms are still closed or limited because of the pandemic, the demand for at-home exercise equipment is at a continued all-time high. Keep up the commitment you made to the #fitlife with some cool new gear at a really good price.

To all of those that were overwhelmed by the abundance of holiday sales, it’s not too late to score a good deal on quality fitness equipment. In fact, Amazon is having a top-secret sale some of our favorite exercise equipment. We searched the depths of Amazon's site to find impress deals from popular fitness equipment brands. Whether you're looking for adjustable dumbbells or calorie-burning cardio machines, Amazon has it all on sale. Plus, you can score helpful gear to deck out your home gym, like home gym mats that will protect your hardwood flooring. But hurry, because these secret fitness equipment deals might not last for long once the word gets out.

Marcy Flat Utility 600 lbs Capacity Weight Bench


It's rare to find a heavy-duty weight bench of this caliber, made specifically for the home gym. It's even more rare to find one on sale at this price. This Marcy Flat Utility Weight Bench holds up to 600 pounds and can be used for a variety of strength training workouts. Having this baby in sight is already a huge motivator to get you repping and moving even when you don't feel like working out. 

FLYBIRD Adjustable Dumbbell


Adjustable dumbbells are at the top of everybody’s home gym equipment lists. They deliver a range of weight, without taking up a ton of space in your home. Sometimes a single dumbbell is all you need, and this set from FLYBIRD is discounted down to $140 today. It’s sleek, compact, and suitable for all levels. Similar products require a process to change weights, but here, you can swap them in less than a second (we promise). Plus, they are ergonomically designed to create less wear and tear on your hands. These are the adjustable dumbbells you want, without costing a fortune.

Yes4All Kettlebell Grip


One of the most Googled questions when people are starting to build out their home gym is as follow: dumbbells or kettlebells? We like both, for different reasons. But if you can only commit to one, this converter can help make your decision easier. It turns any dumbbell into a kettlebell grip so you can swing, squat and press with ease. Plus, it's on sale right now so there is no better time to try something new. 

Gox Runx Jump Rope


You can only jump or run in place for so long until it gets boring. Right now you can get two jump ropes for the price of one. It's the perfect active rest or cardio kick to get that heart rate up in between sets. Hurry! This deal won't last long. 

Raise Your Game Wood Plyometric Box Workout Set


Upgrade your entire gym Crossfit style with a one-time purchase. This set covers the basics: a wood plyometric box, booty bands, ankle weights, and a jumprope. Suddenly you'll be a pro at box jumps, squats and step ups. 

Sunny Health & Fitness Power Zone Squat Stand Power Rack Cage


There comes a time in every weightlifter's journey when they are just ready for more. The repeated reps of racked dumbells on your shoulders simply are not cutting it anymore and you miss the feeling of being sore. That means it's time to play in the big leagues and level up your squat routine. This rack will get you there and trust us, this price for something this good doesn't come often. 

JFIT Tall 11″ Pro Push Up Bar Stand


Regular old pushups are so January 2021. Challenge yourself with a push-up bar stand made to enhance and improve your posture, form, and strength. These are lightweight and portable for easy storage and handling, while remaining heavy duty enough to carry your weight. Add these to your push-up routine and watch your chest, shoulder, and back strength improve tremendously. They can also be used for cardio plyometrics, yoga, and HIIT exercises. 

Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands


This innovative machine targets over 20 different core muscles in a way you probably haven't worked out before. Diversity of exercise is especially important when you start to plateau or just get bored of your same old routine. It adds a cardio pep in your step through a low-impact strengthening motion that hits your abs, chest, back, and shoulders. 

BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0


The Body Boss 2.0 package is like an entire gym in a compact briefcase. It comes with five settings for your resistance bands to target a variety of muscle groups at different strengths. The bands provide roughly 30 pounds of resistance, but you can increase this to 70 or 80 pounds per band, depending on the length you shorten them to. You also get wrist and ankle straps, a door anchor, and a workout bar, along with a library of workouts for three full weeks (to start you off on the right foot). The VectorFit Base platform has been tested to withstand up to 500 pounds of force. They aren’t messing around. 

Bionic Body Soft Kettlebell with Handle


If you like go hard in your kettlebell workouts (we do, too), then this soft-weighted kettlebell belongs in your home gym arsenal. This kettlebell prevents accidents and injuries, allowing you to rip sets without having to be too careful. The large handle can fit any size hands comfortably with a unique ergonomic grip. Kettlebells are great and all, but they are not created equal. This one is superior and convenient, and today’s savings ranges per weight from $8 to $65. We suggest going for the 30-pound weight for the most bang for your buck.

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine


Deals like this are far and few in between. Rowing machines have been all the rage because of the low impact yet full body workout they bring you. This one from Sunny Health & Fitness comes in at almost 8,000 near-perfect reviews with an LCD digital monitor to count your calories, rows, reps, time, and more.  The resistance comes from an adjustable magnet and the machine is on wheels, so it’s actually quite easy to transport if you need to move it around to save on space. Right now, you can save over $130 on this coveted product.

Balance From Puzzle Exercise Mat With Interlocking Foam Tiles


Get serious about your fitness goals this year with a full on professional, high-density mat that won't ruin your home flooring. Somehow the proper gym flooring motivates you right into beast mode, so you’ll find it hard to feel lazy. These are lightweight and easy to assemble to provide you with premium comfort to cushion your spine, hips, knees, and elbows. 

Women’s Health/ Men’s Health Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike


Just because we helped to create this piece of top home gym equipment doesn’t mean we’re biased on our review. This is one of the best value indoor exercise bikes you can find, especially now that it’s on sale. You can get a smooth, quiet bike ride in the comfort of your own living room. It features a smart power knob with a range of 1-14 resistance levels. It has an iPad/iPhone holder so you can stream anything you want. The bike is integrated with MyCloudFitness App, providing you top notch workouts from trainers we trust.

FLYBIRD Adjustable Strength Training Weight Bench


Okay weightlifters, this one’s for you. Your makeshift table/chair bench situation isn’t quite cutting it anymore. This adjustable bench lets you perform a full body workout with motivation and ease. This features a steel tube frame for trusted support and foam comfort. The reviews are near perfect, so act fast.

Everlast 6010G 10 LB Weighted Vest


Straight up, a weighted vest will make you stronger, no matter what you’re doing in it. It’s one of the simplest ways to build up endurance and strength. And right now, you can get $10 off the 10-pound version. Just ask any athlete or trainer how good they feel after working out in this baby and you’ll be sold. But don’t take too long, because this vest will shoot back up to $50 soon.

Women’s Health/ Men’s Health Magnetic Rowing Machine


It wouldn’t be an at-home gym equipment workout if we didn’t include at least two rowing machines. Today, ours is discounted down to $400. One thing we perfected in this machine is the lag time. There’s nothing worse than ripping out rows and being too fast for your machine. With this rower, you’ll never wait. You also get 14 levels of calibrated resistance to get you moving with ease or to challenge your mind and body. It’s integrated with the MyCloudFitness App to track your progress and coach you along your rowing journey. 

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